Looking for the foster care experience

I’m working on a story to run late next week on the matter of foster care in the Sioux Falls area and, with 180 families registered to take placements, why it is that only 80 families are active at this time.

I suspect it could be a lot of reasons — burnout, maybe foster families end up adopting children, perhaps a difficult placement has changed their minds.

But along with looking at the numbers and the participation, I’m also interested in capturing the experience — from the perspective of families who take in foster children, as well as talking to young people themselves who have spent time in foster care and now are adults.

What is it like? Does it change lives? What are the good experiences?

Finding those individuals to talk to won’t be easy, so I’m looking for some community sourcing to help me out. If you are a foster care provider, or know someone who is, or have been through foster care yourself, I’d like to hear from you.

Please contact me at syoung@argusleader.com or 331-2306.