Sanford gets ahead of Super Bowl ad questions

Sanford Health’s interim vice president of marketing sent an email out this week about an advertisement the health care giant intends to run during Super Bowl television coverage Sunday, wanting to get ahead of the eyebrows that are sure to be raised.

It’s no secret that a national 30-second television spot during the Super Bowl can cost as much as $4 million, Cindy Morrison said.

But before the jaws start dropping, sending chili cheese dip and nachos spilling into people’s laps when the Sanford ad begins appearing during the telecast, Morrison decided to give her organization’s management a heads-up.

In that email to managers, she explained that local advertisers have access to a number of ad slots before and during the game at a fraction of what the Budweiser’s and the Chrysler’s and the Go Daddy’s will pay.

"The national Super Bowl spot has been reported to cost $4 million for 30 seconds," Morrison said. "If you think about it locally, that same 30 seconds would be less than $5,000 per spot, but you get four times the viewership than you do at other times. So for a fraction of what it costs, you get the coverage of hundreds of thousands of people who are compelled to watch the Super Bowl."

This is roughly the 10th Super Bowl in which Sanford will have an ad, she said. And it has never paid the big bucks.

Sanford’s focus this year is on orthopedic and sports medicine,

"The ad involves a surgeon and a football player," Morrison said. "It’s a comparison of a football player being prepared and a surgeon being prepared. And if you watch close, I think you’ll see some subliminal messages."

The Super Bowl Sunday showing of the advertise is basically its unveiling, she said, and it will continue to be shown in the weeks ahead.